My name is Tiina L and I have a lifestyle blog called Elegance Revisited, which focuses on personal style, travel and my life commuting between two countries.

However, I felt that I needed a place to showcase my illustration, and so I decided to create another blog, this one, as my online gallery.

I am not a illustrator, not even an artist. But you probably guessed that already… I just like making comic-book style illustrations based on old photographs. I use Photoshop Elements, so I guess we could call this digital art / digital drawing / photomanipulation or something like that.

This is me. Well, it’s a self-portrait: 

Tiina L

And where do I get my inspiration? 

All my illustrations are based on photographs, such as these old pictures of my mother.



All illustrations are my own and must not be used for any purpose without prior written permission.